Niko Game Info

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First of all, here are the links to follow, if you want to see Niko for yourself and give the game a try.

Android users:

iOS users:

Niko is Free to Try! So you can play the first 6 levels for free before you buy and unlock the full Niko game.

Niko game play is a challenging adventure that combines genius sling shot action with amazing platform level designs, Retina display graphics, Multi-Touch controls, and a great soundtrack. The execution pushes the envelope established by the very best smartphone games.

As you launch Niko through the treacherous traps of the Otherworld, sometimes sliding, sometimes bouncing, and sometimes flipping, you complete the levels that take you to Niko’s friends. They are guarded by monstrous creatures that need to be defeated to rescue Niko’s friends. With your help, Niko will rescue all of his friends from the danger below. Good luck!

Habbo Rewards
Some of the best rewards you can achieve throughout the game can be unlocked inside Habbo Hotel, the world’s biggest social game and online community for teens. There you can show them off and make some cool friends.

Niko is brought to you by Sulake, the maker of Habbo Hotel, the world’s largest social game and online community for teens, and maker of some of the best smartphone games.

Disclaimer: All the redeemable Habbo rewards from Niko are virtual items only available in Habbo Hotel. Rewards are based on your achievements in Niko and are not associated with Apple nor its products. Apple is not a sponsor nor is involved in any way.